Thank You…and Goodnight

It is with a heavy heart that after 52 Walk Fiercely blogs I am taking a hiatus from writing.  I loved writing them and the support I’ve gotten from everyone, the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made and I hope the humor and help I’ve given the readers.  But it is very hard to find relevant topics every week and the time to write about them. So I am taking a break to regroup and recharge.  I can’t say for how long.  There might be sporadic posts if the mood, or topic, strikes me.  Don’t rule me out completely. And if there is a topic you want me to write about, let me know.

Let me leave you with this thought.  Today on a local radio station (V100), they said based on a survey of West Virginians, 32% said they could run a marathon without training for it.  I call bullshit!  Having trained for marathons more than once, I can tell you it ain’t that easy.  Below are some statistics (source: and Runners World, Everyday Health).

Marathon Statistics
Percent of the U.S. population that has run a marathon 0.5 %
Record time for the fastest marathon ever run 2:03.59 hours
Total number of U.S. marathons held annually 570
Total number of people who finished a marathon annually 581,811
Average cost to run a marathon $67
Number of marathons that cost over $100 to enter 41
Average number of calories a woman burns during a marathon 2,880
Number of miles in a marathon 26.2 miles
Average number of miles ran per week during marathon training 40 miles

I’m thinking if only half a percent of the population has even run a marathon, then the ones who say they can do it without training are clearly ignorant to what is involved in such a task, both mentally and physically.  I am proud to include myself in that 0.5%.  Looking at the other statistics and how I stack up, I complete a marathon in about 3x the time it took for the fastest ever marathon. I am pretty sure I’ve paid more than $67 for most of my races, whether it was a half or a full. The calories burned sounds about spot on.  Although since my reward after a race is usually Tudor’s Biscuit World, I pretty much blow those calories shortly after the race.  I fall behind a little bit on the average number of miles per week.  I usually average about 30 miles a week. But for me, it gets the job done.

I’m throwing down this challenge.  To anyone who wants to do a marathon without training for it, join me in doing the Hatfield & McCoy Marathon in Williamson, WV on June 11th.  Gives you enough time to by some new shoes and get a “cute” new outfit for the race.  But not enough time to train and condition.  The first person to take me up on this challenge, I will pay your entry fee.  You think you’ve got what it takes, BRING IT! You can email me at or comment through the website.

Until we meet again, stay strong, stay active and always Walk Fierecly!

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2 Responses to Thank You…and Goodnight

  1. Micah says:

    Great read, as always! I enjoyed learning those factoids about marathons. I had no idea the percentage was so small… 0.5!? Almost makes me want to join that elite group. I trust you will continue to write when the urge hits because you definitely have a talent! If I were a little bit more ignorant of the demands on the body, I would be tempted to be that person who takes you up on your generous offer of the Hatfield and McCoy marathon! 😉

  2. Christa Hamra says:

    Thanks Micah. I thought .5% was low too. But goes to show you that it isn’t an easy undertaking if you aren’t prepared. Maybe we can plan to do the marathon together next year. It would be fun to share a race experience with you.

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