Super Bowl, Super Eats

Every year there is a huge build up to the World Championship Football game, also known as the Super Bowl.  Whether it is the commercials, the half-time show, the greatest moments in history or the competition between the two teams going head-to-head, the chatter is constant for the week(s) leading up to the big show.  But for me, one of the things I get excited about is the FOOD! I always looked at the Super Bowl as an invitation to eat and drink too much, either at someone’s house for a party or a bar where the vibe is contagious.  This year was no exception.  I started thinking about it as soon as the two teams were decided.  The thing is, I had no real passion or dog in the fight this year.  Just relying on the fact that if every other American is going to celebrate it, I should too.  What if I miss something that everyone will be talking about the next day (aka, puppy monkey baby commercial)?  We can’t have that!

As the date approached, I started having other thoughts about how I should handle the game.  Since I have been on the healthy path again for a few weeks and doing well on Weight Watchers, the idea of going to a bar (because no one invited me to a party) to eat fattening, greasy food and drinking unnecessary alcohol became less and less appealing.  Coming up with a better alternative became my goal.  And instead of going out, I invited my sister and brother to come over and watch with me.

I decided to reach out to my Weight Watchers class.  Our class has its own Facebook page.  I posted that I was going to make healthful party snacks and posed the question “What are your favorites?”  As always, they jumped at the chance to help me out.  Their constant support is really priceless.  I got a lot of great suggestions.  But Lisa posted a link to an article ‘28 “Super” Appetizers Recipes with Smart Points’. It was as if it was speaking directly to me!  I gave it a look over, shared it with my sister and made my final decisions based on what sounded good, Smart Points values and difficulty of the recipe.

My menu was: (see photo)Super Bowl Spread

  • Veggies w/ low fat ranch (no brainer)
  • Baked pretzels
  • Chicken breast with wing sauce
  • Eggplant fries
  • Taco dip
  • Pizza rolls
  • Peanut butter cookies for dessert!

It occurs to me that maybe it would have been better to write this one last week so everyone could enjoy these recipes for the Super Bowl. But I didn’t have the information at that time. So for future gatherings where you might be looking for just the right dish, here is the link to the article.

Now, back to the food.  I made the dip first.  It had a really good taste. But it was too thin, even after refrigerating for a few hours to firm it up.  I think it was a combination of the fact that both the sour cream and the cream cheese were reduced fat and the lettuce and tomato added on top was too watery.  Then I made the chicken “wings”.  Basically just took chicken breasts, cut them up and used some wing seasoning.  Here’s a tip.  Don’t go to Kroger for wing sauce or salsa ON Super Bowl Sunday. It will not end well for you.  Fortunately, my friend Robin suggested a seasoning package that comes with directions and roasting bag.  Good thing she told me it was on the bottom shelf or I would have never found it.  Bottom line, those turned out delicious.Buffalo Wings seasoning

Followed the chicken up with making the cookies.  Oh, my, God!  They were delicious.  All they have in them is peanut butter, light brown sugar, one egg and a little baking soda.  Here’s the problem.  The recipe says it makes 60 cookies for 1 point. I made them pretty small and I might have gotten 30 out of the batter.  There is no way you could stretch that batter to make 60.  Making the reality that they were probably more than 1 point.  But worth it!  With only three of us, there were quite a few left.  I sent them home with my brother. Otherwise I would have eaten the rest of them before the game was over.

I saved the eggplant fries and the pizza rolls for last, thinking they would only be good if served fresh.  I was right.  The eggplant fries were very tasty, served with marinara sauce.  But they were at their peak when hot.  Once they got cold, they lost a little something.  Let’s be clear, we still ate them, but they were better hot.  And finally, the pizza rolls.  They were probably my favorite.  Made with turkey pepperoni, Weight Watchers string cheese, pizza sauce and eggroll wrappers. They were mighty tasty! And I kept my beverages to one 12 oz diet Coke, no alcohol, so no wasted calories.

At the end of the game, I can honestly say we were all satisfied and full from the offerings I had prepared.  The moral of the story is that you can still spend time with friends, have a party (or attend a party) and still serve healthy, filling food to your guests.  If you are going to a party where you have little control over the menu, take a dish you’ve prepared so you know is something light and tasty. And look for the best options like fruits and vegetables, as well as don’t graze near the food. That is a temptation that won’t end well.  Trust me, it is my biggest weakness.  But, I’m working on it.


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